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Raven Rose NightinGale
Raven Rose NightinGale


December 31,1997 of winter

100% American Paint Earth Pony


19 years old/Full Grown Mare

Age (look)
12 years old

Blood Type
D Type


95 pounds

Smaller Than normal pony's

Others Form

MoonClan outside of E.Q


Animals Shelter and Art Class


Merry to Ponus Hunter aka HoneyBear, HoneySweet

Savannah Jane NightinGale
Sonic Stitch NightinGale

A cat name Isabel
A Dog name Dexter
💖~Things She Enjoys Doing~💖
-she enjoy drawing
-listening to music
-going on Adventures in the woods
-spending time with her friend's and family
-Playing Video Games
-Watching TV Shows
-Playing Pokemon
-Watching Animal Planted
-Playing COD,Skyrim,Minecraft and etc.
-Neon Colors
-Pulling Pranks
-Talking to Her BF/BFF

💀~Things she Dislikes/Hates~💀
-other pony being mean to her friend's
-Being Alone
-Pony Stealing form her
-Movies with bad quantity
-Boring Places like the Doctors
-Being in big cowards
-Big City's
-Hate School
-Hating Reading Boring and Long Books
-When pony's pick on her lil sister
-When pony's are being mean to her honeysweet

🌙~Her personality~🌙
-Smart Ass
-Smart (only when she wants to be)
-A lil Shy
-Tomboy attitude

🙊~Her flaws~🙊
-Getting herself into Danger
-Blaming herself for everything that goes wrong
-Always being worry about thing that would never happen
-Trusting way to easy and getting hurted afterword's
-Started fights with her sister

❄~Her Good Thing~❄
-very kind and helpful
-always there for her friends and family
-enjoy having fun
-has a child's spirit
-Smart when she want to be
-Helpimg her sister out

🍀~Her Family~🍀
Kids: 4 kids
2 filly and 2 colt
Stary NightinGale 5 years old
BlueStar Wolf NightinGale 8 years old
Dragon Flame Hunter 8 years old
Raphael Hunter 2 years old
Her Husband:
Ponus Hunter
Savannah Jane NightinGale
🖌🌹~What she looks like~🌹🖌

Body color: mostly black with white on her back upper right arm,the tips of her ears and left hooves

Body Type: stander mare size

Mane and tail/Style: Dark Brown and Short

Eye colors:Sky blue

Cuite mark: A paint brush,music notes,a red tip with 2 yellow stars

Accessories: a red hat and gold necklace with cat on it

body features: has a lil scar on her cheek but it hard to tell and her freckles on her nose
Favorite food:
-Black Berrys
-Hay burgers
-Star Fruit
-Cruel (Any Kind)

Favorite Drinks:
-Chocolate Milk
-Normal milk
-Dr Pepper
-Orange Juicy
-Mint Chocolate Chip MilkShake
-Hot Chocolate
-Root Beer

Favortie ponys:
-Ponus Hunter: Loving Husband/Best Friend
-Murky: Big Brother/BBBFF
-Crystal MoonDrop: Best Female Friends

Favortie book:
-Narnia Witch and the Wardrobe
-Vampire Kissis
-Eragon (All of them)
-Unfortunate Story(All of them)

Favortie movie:
-HTTYD 1&2
-Every Disney Movie Ever Made
-Madagascar 1,2&3
-TMNT 2007 & 2016
-Narnia (ALL OF THEM)
-Pirates in the Caribbean (ALL OF THEM)
-Alice though the looking glass
-Alice and wounderland
-Load of the Rings
-Transformers (ALL OF THEM) 
-Barder Shop 1&2

Favortie show:
-MLP FriendShip is Magic
-Laws and Order
-Ones Opan of Time
-Transformer (1998)
-Couple other Children TV Show
-PokeMon (ALL) 
-Couple other TV shows

Favortie places to go Inside of Ponyville:
-Art Class
-Fluttershy's Place
-SugerCude Corner
-The Park
-The Forest
-The Art Museum
-Zecore's Place

2 Favortie place outside of PonyVille:
-The Ever Free Forest
-The old ruins of the two sister
 Being 100% Earth Pony, her earth pony magic make it where she very strong and able to take any hit and grow food for her family and move things very easily with out a struggle.
🌸~ Pony Posana~🌸
My Pony Posana for Raven, are FlutterShy,Rainbow Dash, Luna, Pinkie pie and the reason for is because when you first meet her, she shy and loves animals like Fluttershy but than started showing a lil more out going and goofy side of herself once you get to know her like Pinkie Pie. She also a manger TomBoy and enjoy playing video game, Shake boarding, Roller Shaking, Pulling Pranks and Etc like Raindow Dash , She Love the Night Sky and taking walk under the star and moon, they help her clam down a bit when she had a hard day like Luna

Raven Rose NightinGale, was born and grew up in a clan called the MoonClan along with her sister Savannah and Sonic outside of Equestria. Her family never really stay in one place for long because they always had to move, to keep the clan safe. When they came to Equestria that was when she was 9-10 years old. when her family got there got there, she like the strange but new place that they where gonna be living at it was different form the other place she lived and she didn't want to leave. So the Clan leaders beside to stay for couple of years know how peaceful and quite Equestria Seem to them so they beside to live right outside of ponyville in the big field. She love playing with her sister and enjoy playing with the other fillys and colt in her clan and going on Adventures in the forest. Her Clan beside to lived in a big field outside of ponyville, but the ponys of ponyville some for reason whenever they would walk or fly over to where they were stay, they would just look but not approach or say hi to them because how isolated the the clan seem to them so they just beside to leave the clan be.

Year passed and when Raven turn 18 year old, her and her sibling Savannah and Sonic, told the clan leader that they want to stay and live in ponyville the day before the clan beside to leave for a new home. The Clan was a lil sad do to the fact that all three of them would be staying but they promise to write to them and visted as much as they can. When their not to busy learning about the customs here.

As the mouth past Raven found herself working at the animal shelters and teaching at the art class in ponyville as part time job, also owning a small house in PonyVille. One day as she was walking home, she saw a stallions with a red coat an Orange mane and a Black tail, it look like he was planing on going on a mission inside the woods somewhere, so being curious as she was, she beside to follow him and see if she couldn't tag along on the adventure he was about to have.

Hunter Flash
Another one of my Boyfriend's Oc's and the big brother to Ponus and Heartless 

Base 141 By Ponybasesrus-d9b16kc
Ponus Hunter
My boyfriends main Oc's Ponus Hunter and the Husband to Raven Rose NightinGale 
Heartless Darkness
This is my boyfriend's other Oc's Heartless Darkness the twin brother of his main Oc's Ponus Hunter 

Angry Stallions Base 48 By Amelia Bases-d7owf5b


ShastaRoseMcKee1231's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Hello I'm Shasta But you can call me Raven, 💖🍯🎨🎵

I'm 19 years old and live in Fortuna California, I enjoy Listening to Music, Drawing, Making Characters, Making Story for each of them and bring them to life. I'm also a big gamer girl and enjoy kicking people's butts at COD with my boyfriend and other friends.
💙⭐~Things I like~⭐💙

💖-Chocolates Milk
💖-Playing video games
💖-Vampire Kisses
💖-How to train your dragon
💖-Family Guy
💖-Orange Juice
💖-WereWolfs and Vampires
💖-Scary Movie's

💀🌑~Thing's I dislike~🌑💀

💀-People Stealing form me
💀-Useing my thing without asking
💀-When I have amazing idea for a drawing but it doesn't come out the way, I had in mind
💀-People being mean to animals
💀-Big Place and City's
💀-Drama Queen
💀-When there no Wi-Fi
💀-Boring Place's


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